EOL HelpDesk Admin FAQ’s

Q. What is the address of the EOL?
A. http://ehsod.org/eol or https://ehs.exceedlms.com/

Q. I forgot my password, or I tried the password reset and haven’t gotten an email.
A. Ask for the users ID then follow the steps

  •  In Admin view click Users icon, 
  • Search for ID 
  • In the results list select the checkbox next to the users name and click “Edit” button near top of the page.
  • Open users properties
  • Next to password is a “Change” link, click to open, then enter user’s ID into both fields and save.
  • It will prompt you that the password has been changed.
  • Check the box “Require user to change password next time they log in”

Q. I need two new medical students setup in EOL with eChart training modules.
A. New Medical Students can be entered into the system. New Contractors and Physicians need to go through Robin Debolt. Robin will enter those into PeopleSoft which will carry over to EOL the next day. All other new employees should pass through Robin also.

  •  All employees not in PeopleSoft that need LMS access should get an “ext” number.
  • Verify that the student hasn’t been already assigned a number, search the LMS for the students name before creating a new code.
  • Search the LMS for the latest number used. Verify the new number isn’t already assigned to any active or inactive student.
  • Carbon copy “eChartTrainingRegistration” on all new students created so they can assign EPIC training.

Q. I have been assigned training and I don’t see it in on my homepage.
A. Enrollment can be hidden by a delay in auto-enrollment. Search for the activity and check to see if the setting “Hide enrollments to this activity until the due date is” has a number in the field, if so check the user’s dates. Also, enrollments should be set as “required” or won’t show on homepage list.

Q. All requests for new post, paths, and sessions.
A. Forward request or spreadsheet to Charles or Jamie

Q. All requests for new EOL creation – I have a PowerPoint presentation I want loaded into EOL.
A. Email all the assets to eolhelp@erlanger.org unless they are too big to email. We will make arrangements to get larger files. The request will be added to the calendar and given a projected completion schedule.

Q. I have been enrolled in the SBIRT EOL. I am in maintenance and have no access to epic so could you please help me
A. Verify whether or not the user is supposed to be enrolled, email project owner if you are unsure. If a group is used, verify the employee is not included in the list.

Q. I need to sign up for BLS or ACLS but for some reason it will not come up when I search.
A. All the AHA classes are only available to those in a clinical role or those in the “AHA Classes (Non Erlanger)” group. As an administrator you can assign anyone into any of the classes, just check with Nursing Education to verify this person needs to take the AHA class.

Q. I need a transcript for student with ID 33xxx.
A. Search the LMS for the student’s ID, in the list click the username and click “edit”. When the user’s details show, click the “print” button at the top of the page. This will open a second tab that you can then print to PDF and email back to the requestor.